Procrastinating, over-complicating and being a perfectionist are all very safe places for me to be

I procrastinate because I’m scared. I’m scared of rejection, that I’m not good enough, that every time I release something into the world I will get laughed at. Or, even worse, ignored. I ignore that anything out there is better than thoughts crowding my head.

I over-complicate because I lack confidence. I don’t believe enough in the purity of simplicity.

I am a perfectionist because I judge myself too harshly.

I didn’t live a remarkable life for these silly reasons. I held myself back. Lived less than half a life. Didn’t fulfil my true potential.

I did little that was remarkable.

And that was my biggest life problem – I was double scared. Too scared to create anything meaningful, and scared that my life wouldn’t be meaningful.

So one day I took a risk. I wrote a post about living a remarkable life. People liked it. So I wrote another, then another, then another. I wrote posts like this that people said made a difference. They asked me to write about the problems they were having.

Eventually I realised the biggest barrier to a life of meaning – a remarkable life – was in my head. Now, every day, I take a step towards living a remarkable life. It’s not always easy. It is always utterly fulfilling.

And, over time, I learnt how to stop procrastinating, over-complicating and being a perfectionist. I still don’t always get it right but I do always try.

When I first took my steps towards a remarkable life there was nobody there. Now there is. I have supporters – allies who are on the same journey as me. People who are passing through their own version of procrastination, over-complication and perfectionism.

What’s your problem?

Maybe I can help.

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