I was the “crazy British guy” who stripped off, jumped into the pool at the party in the Hamptons, and got everybody to do the same.

I’ve driven a beautiful old Jaguar at 160 miles an hour on a deserted road in Scotland, and nearly lost it on a corner. Twice.

I’ve learnt how to fly a plane.

I’ve staggered out of more than one club in Ibiza at lunchtime, only to go into the next one, until the next morning.

I’ve eaten the most exquisite food created by genius chefs in hard-to-get-into restaurants, as well as stuffed myself with the humblest and tastiest of tapas.

I know where to find the best martini you’ve ever tasted in at least 5 cities.

I earned, lost, and earned again a reasonable amount of money.

I live a remarkable life.

But, if I have learnt one thing this week from seeing my beautiful daughters graduate but also from not seeing my gorgeous wife that much this week, and failing to give her a hug when I left her yesterday, it is this:

Life is short. There’s too little time to worry or to be smug. Throw yourself into every day. Make people laugh, because why the hell not. Make people think. Make every day matter. Because it does. Make every day remarkable. Because it is.

Be Remarkable. Because you are.