Sometimes we need a reminder that life is remarkable and you are remarkable. Here it is.

The chances of you being here right now reading this is are so tiny that it is almost a miracle.

Your ancestors escaped woolly mammoths, the Black Death, bullets and bombs, so that you could be here now.

You live in the most innovative period the world had ever seen. The device you are probably reading this on 50 years ago would have been the world’s most powerful computer. And the pace of innovation is getting faster.

Your problems may seem enormous and stress may seem overwhelming at times. There are friends, bars, gyms, counsellors, and mindfulness apps to help you with that.

Life IS hard at times. There is so much wrong the world. But most of it is good. Too often we take that for granted.

Life is remarkable. You are remarkable.

Sometimes we all just need a little reminder.

My pleasure.